Welcome to Student Chefs Abroad!


Student Chefs Abroad was born in 2011 when founder Mara Mehlman realized that a connection needed to be made between American culinary students and the intern opportunities awaiting them in the United Kingdom. Mara, who is passionate about the art of food, discovered for herself the flourishing “Modern British Cuisine” culture, influenced by Mediterranean, French, Asian and Indian food and by celebrity chefs. Far from the stereotypes of the past, this cuisine emphasizes fresh, local ingredients and innovative, elegant presentation.

In working with the restaurants and boutique hotels that provide the internships, Mara recognized the need for a hospitality internship, which has now been added to Student Chefs Abroad opportunities.

For current and recently graduated culinary students, Student Chefs Abroad provides the opportunity to participate in a highly selective internship program in England, Wales and Scotland. Student Chefs Abroad places the student in pre-screened and pre-approved professional restaurant kitchens for invaluable hands-on training and real-life experience, working alongside top-notch chefs in preparing meals for award-winning restaurants. Student Chefs Abroad facilitates the screening of both students and restaurants, provides internship placement, advises the student on obtaining the necessary student visas and required medical insurance policy. Student Chefs Abroad also advises on restaurant-offered accommodations, supervision, and support.

For current and recently graduated hospitality students, Student Chefs Abroad provides internships in exclusive English, Welsh and Scottish boutique hotels. The same meticulous criteria that is applied to placement for student chefs is applied to hospitality opportunities.

Unlike other internship placement agencies, Student Chefs Abroad specializes in niche internship programs—placing students in top-quality restaurants and boutique hotels abroad.